25 Non-Dairy Yogurt Ratings (May 2020)

With so many new choices, I was overwhelmed by the recent expansion by traditional yogurt makers to the non-dairy sector. To help myself navigate this growing sector, I started rating every non-dairy yogurt I tried.

Below, you’ll find a simple list of every non-dairy yogurt I could get my hands on (except most soy based yogurts). In general, the mid range yogurts are not bad but they were often too high in sugar to give a very high rating.

I was impressed by how even the lowest yogurt rating was edible. I gave no yogurt a zero or one star rating. I may amend this as I try some of the early yogurts for a second time.

Hope this helps someone and if you have any recommendations for others to try, let me know!

** Kite Hill Almond Vanilla

** LAVA Pineapple (Pili Nuts, Coconut and Plantains)

** Silk Oat Yeah Vanilla

** So Delicious Oat Sweet Mango

*** Almond Breeze Almond Milk Vanilla

*** Chobani Coconut Vanilla

*** Chobani Oat Peach Coconut Crisp

*** Chobani Oat Strawberry Granola Crunch

*** Daiya Coconut Cream Strawberry

*** Good Karma Flaxmilk Strawberry

*** Kite Hill Almond Key Lime

*** So Delicious Coconut Vanilla

*** Stonyfield Soy Vanilla

**** Chobani Oat Blueberry Almond Crumble

**** Chobani Oat Blueberry Pomegranate

**** Chobani Oat Strawberry Vanilla

**** Chobani Oat Vanilla

**** Good Plants Almond Milk Lemon Meringue

**** LAVA Strawberry (Pili Nuts, Coconut and Plantains)

**** Ripple Peas Vanilla

**** Trader Joes Cashew Vanilla Bean

**** Trader Joes Coconut Blueberry

**** Trader Joes Coconut Strawberry

***** Forager Cashew Milk Blueberry

***** Forager Cashew Milk Vanilla

I was not compensated for any recommendations, nor was I given any free samples, though free samples would be nice!


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