VHS Digitizing Service

Do you have old family VHS tapes that have been sitting for years in a closet because you don’t have a VHS player anymore? Do you want to be able to share these videos with your family in this digital age? I might be able to help! Send me a box of your old tapes and I will digitize them for just $10/tape. I can digitize normal VHS tapes as well as the small format (VHS-C) type. Return shipping to the domestic United States is free.

The tapes will be recorded in MP4 format at 640×480 resolution (higher than the original resolution for posterity) and at about 30FPS.

The tapes will be cropped to remove most of the blue screen at the beginning and end with the exception of a few second buffer on each end to ensure I’ve recorded everything on the tape. For each tape sent, you will receive one video file in return with the full filmed footage.

I will upload the files to Google Drive where they will be stored for up to a month before being taken down. You will receive a link and will have one month to download them to your own device.

I accept PayPal, Venmo Zelle and cash payments. You may pay with a credit card if I send an invoice to PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account).

Before I send the tapes back, and before I send the digital copies of your tapes, I require full payment.

If you’re interested, submit the form here:

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