Zipbuds: The best headphones under $50

It all started last Christmas. I was given a pair of Zipbud headphones. From that moment on, I would no longer use my perfectly functioning Skullcandys.

The zipper design was far more elegant than the cheapo branded ones you can buy at Walmart and the overly inflated ones you can buy from Bose. Plus, they extend far enough that you can actually SHARE headphones with someone else without worrying that you’ll rip them out of the other person’s ears god forbid you venture more than a foot from their head.

The bass, treble, etc…… Why comment on them! Obviously they surpass others if I’m writing an entire review on them!

Unforgettably, I plugged them into my ipod a few months ago and found them to be mute. When I contacted the company, they sent me a new pair right away. Another few months pass and once again, bad luck me. They quickly sent me a new pair! (I hope you’re noticing a trend.) About a week ago, it happened again. I sent them all my previous pairs in attempt to diagnose why this was happening.

Meanwhile, they sent me their new version – which is better than all the rest!

Now don’t mind me. I am an example of anecdotal evidence – Meaning that this is not a trend with other buyers.

What you should note however, is their amazing customer service. Plus, you should give it some thought to get yourself a pair. I may not be Cnet, Consumer Reports or Gizmodo, but damn it, these are the buds to buy! With any other company, I would have steered clear of getting a second pair. With Zipbuds, my sisters and cousins all have a pair. Now that’s something.

Sincerely, a happy customer!

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