What FIRST Robotics Should Be, And What It’s Not

In Robotics, there are a few factors that give some teams a better advantage

1. Lots of dough
2. Lots of teachers
3. Lots of Kids

But numbers one and two provide for an unfair advantage, and it’s not the kids i’m talking about.

To show how a FIRST Team should run, i’ll bring in Gear Ratios

Key: Student:Teacher
Direct drive= Terrible
1:2= Ridiculous. I’ve seen many teams where there are more mentors than students. That makes me sick.
2:1= Slightly better…
4:1= Closer
8:1= Student run team, this team learns how to do something useful for their future, rather than having others do everything for them. These kids work through their errors and take pride in their work

I’ve seen teams from bad neighborhoods, missing functionality on their robot, with kids trying to compete with students with around 1 million dollars in spending money. These kids may be in the same competition, but they are far from similar. The kids without the money are trying to build something together, getting other team’s help, and getting the most from their experience. These are the idealist teams, the ones who should be winning the prizes, because these people are motivated to do their best.

There’s my rant. I hope this is heard by the people of FIRST…

*I am not aiming this at certain teams, it is just a trend I am noticing*

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