The Truth About Words With Friends

Let’s face it: There’s no winning that game without cheating.

I’m telling you right now: One of your friends is going to start cheating (getting 80, 62 and 78 point words that are clearly too advanced for their own personal vocabulary.)

They’re going to send you messages saying “I thought you were smart” and “I SWEAR I didn’t cheat on that word” but the two words  end up being: Bough and Leer.

Perhaps they were Fay or Sows.
Pelts or Helms.
Node or Orcas.

Yet these words, no matter the length, turn out to be upwards of 75 points each.
Perhaps the three letter word will be doubled up, spelling Fa, Wo or Oy.
“Words” you’d expect to see the characters of a Japanese Anime show to blurt out.

Don’t let them win.
Play their game.
Cheat too.

Why do such an dishonorable thing?
To shove it in their faces that you too can be not only “smart,” but intelligent.

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