The Minibot – FRC at 263

Team 263, Sachem Robotics’ Prototype and deployment.

The new bot has two motors, the second is attached to the smaller wheel. Since it has a 2:1 gear ratio, the smaller wheel goes twice the speed.

The last trial runs were:

2.9 – 3.1 range
  • There are no magnets other then the ones inside the motors 😀
  • There is ghetto wiring currently installed on the bot and there has not been any programming set on the controller yet.
  • When the power is manually cut at the top of the pole, it slowly goes back down the pole.
  • It is very picky of it’s center of gravity. The bot will fall off the pole if a wheel is too far in.
  • The wheels were shaved down to the shape of the pole, as well as adding grip to it.
Update: (Febuary)
Our minibot and deployment have changed dramatically while maintaining relatively the same speed. The following video is our fastest, yet unstable model.

Early stages of deployment:
[vimeo w=400&h=300]

Old Prototype:

Update: (April)
See the video of our final version in action, with an Uber tube tied behind our back, for the win.
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