How is it that every time I walk past the cafeteria in my school, there’s always a table of recruiters in uniform; waiting to drag yet another piece of fresh meat to some foreign country to protect an oil port?

How is it that the a school allows and devotes an entire day of classes to their propaganda filled presentations? Am I really supposed to believe that they came all the way from Pennsylvania to tell me how to “build my character,” because they care about my development as an individual?

I really don’t care what motive it is that make people want to join the military, but I could care less. There are plenty of recruitment stations that they are completely obligated to promote and propagate whatever the hell they want to to whomever walks in, but to come to a school and pretend that they care about our character, or to help someone get better grades is downright unlawful.

They want you to join them in their fight for imperialism just as much as the president of the United States of America wants you.

Don’t listen.

Written by James Brako-McComb



Just remember it is the military that gave you the right to publish whatever you want. Freedom isn’t Free.


You’re absolutely right. The Revolutionary War against Britain was a thriving battle for freedom, as was the fight against the Nazi’s in World War II. But we’re not fighting Nazi’s anymore. We’re invading any country that dares to challenge our oil demands. We’re ensuring oil imports at the cost of young American lives and taxpayer dollars. They don’t hate our culture or us. They hate our imperialistic government. I’m not here to fight, but if you don’t believe me, research it yourself. You might be surprised what you find. Or horrified.


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