Pig Shaped Headphones. The Greatest of Them All.

I wish I was kidding when I say this, but believe it or not, these are the best headphones i’ve ever owned. Sure, it’s hard to justify being a guy and wearing pink obnoxious earbuds, but the quality honestly justifies the humility. Unfortunately, finding a pair of these headphones are near impossible. Originally, I bought a pair for my sister in an airport store as a gift. However, when my cousin and I tested them on the plane, we were beyond jealous. Long after, my sister admit to having lost the pair so I decided to buy a pair myself. After much searching, I found a pair under $20 on a foreign site.

The point of this little story? Well, there is none. When is there ever a point to anything I say? Just go scavenge the earth for a pair.

My Ugly Generic Chinese Branded Watch & Loop

How to wear iPod Nano watches without looking obnoxious

I’m not one to show off what I own, or anything for that matter. So for me, having a $150+ piece of technology on my wrist didn’t come easily. All it took was a single post on eBay for curiosity to take over. It was only $3.99, three hundred ninety nine little pennies, how could pass up an offer so cheap? I simply had to give the concept of having an iPod on my wrist a try, for there was nothing to lose. Except my dignity, and my hard earned pennies.

Weeks later, I opened the manila envelope straight out of China to find quite possibly the ugliest band of black silicone I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I managed to jam my iPod into the encasing that, after a journey across the globe, would sit atop my wrist in only a few moments. It was on my wrist, and I walked downstairs only to be greeted with immediate ridicule from my family, as anyone would expect.

I have worn the watch once since.

Review: Canon Powershot SX200 IS

As an owner, having brought this camera to Italy, Spain and the Presidential Peaks, NH, I have had much field experience with this camera.

The Bad:
A grain of sand made it into the lens, causing an annoying screeching noise, which would eventually make the lens literally fall off. However, I easily snapped it back on after blowing on it, and the noise was gone.

While walking in the pouring rain through West Side Park in NYC, I stumbled across a heliport as a helicopter was preparing to take off. I pulled out my camera and started recording. After a longer then expected preparation, the helicopter took off into the sky, but my camera shut off because of the immense amount of exposure to wind and rain. But when I turned it on the next day, the camera proved its durability.

These problems were all caused not by the manufacture, but my own stupidity.

The Good:

This camera has proved, as shown above, its unexpected durability. Its battery life is decent, and the rechargeable battery that is looked down upon by many, proves to be useful and efficient.

Going from a previous 4X zoom Canon Camera to a 12X was quite a jump for me, especially learning that quality comes with the zoom and lens size, not megapixels.

However, the camera’s HD video is actually problematic for me, since it is too clear and high quality to play on my Intel Atom Netbook, as well as other regular laptops I have tried it on. The TV video-out feature is great for this reason.

The flash has also taken some hits by reviewers, and I strongly disagree. Instead of clicking a button and re-enabling it when you need it, this camera allows you to simply manually shut it while you take the photo, and it automatically pops back up when you release your finger.

Speaking of flash, I havent needed it for average nighttime shots. I have been inside without any problem, streets at night, and even Blaze (Pumpkin Festival) and have been able to shoot without a flash.

Overall, this camera has been the best I have ever had, and I think it will be hard to match! Good Job, Canon. I expect to remain a customer if you keep up the good work!