Report: Long Island’s Cleanest Restaurants 2012

Long Island may not have the grade system based health department reports on each restaurant’s door like in New York City, but there is another surefire way to tell if a restaurant cares about its storefront, kitchen, dining room and garbage areas: Their maintenance contracts.

Now, it just so happens that my dad owns one of the largest pressure cleaning companies on the eastern seaboard, American Dream Pressure Cleaning, used by a multitude of restaurants across long island and the surrounding states. His company cleans nearly every chain restaurant on the island, including Chili’s, Carrabba’s, Longhorn Steakhouse, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Friday’s, Red Robin, Famous Daves, Outback Steakhouse and the list goes on. Here’s where the ratings start to become clear.

These restaurants, all mapped here, are under contract with American Dream to be cleaned based on their volume. They are guaranteed to have cleaner dining rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and garbage areas in comparison to the many chains on the island that neglect to even clean their floors with more than a mop.

I’m going to be as clear as possible when I say that I’m not trying to promote his company, I simply want to open up a bridge between the restaurants that actually care for their store on the Island and those who neglect to. We need a way to have some fluidity between the kitchen and the customer – something people in NYC take for granted with their rating system. I know by means of personal accounts, business owner reactions and outright customer satisfaction that the stores American Dream encompasses are ones that I’d feel confident bringing my family, especially as a person who has seen the kitchens beforehand himself.

There have been stores I’ve tagged along to that had never before been cleaned by American Dream that had potatoes spread about the floor and grease caking the floor enough to skate across.  Companies who do not step up to the plate so they can save a few bucks should be ashamed of themselves for letting their restaurant remain as unsanitary as they are.

This is why I want to give you the list of clean restaurants. This list may not point out every restaurant that’s doing the right thing and cleaning their store using a commercial company, but it’s a starting point for other companies to do the same.

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Why are some companies so unprofessional?

One of the largest family owned pressure cleaning companies in America, creatively named “American Dream Pressure Cleaning,” has been run by my family since it’s creation in 1993. Our name is known throughout most of the eastern seaboard by many business owners and store managers.

However, company “rivals” have attempted to hurt our company in hotel parking lots, at our location and with hate-filled signs on telephone poles across local towns. Our machine’s electrical lines have been cut, fried, and even the engines have all been drilled through in only the past year alone.

These people know exactly what they’re doing and every time it happens, I have to wonder what their motive could possibly be as they send a drill through a small business’s machine, compromising all further operation until it’s fixed. Are they just that stupid? Do they think they’re getting a “leg up” on the business? I mean, none of it really matters when you’re a fully insured company anyway, but nonetheless, it just keeps happening.

So as a friendly message to these companies: stop messing. You wouldn’t be struggling if you strived to be the best, or at least your best. Even so, we’re not your competition. We work with contracts, so we don’t travel around asking random store managers to clean the store once and be on our ways. Maybe if you spent a little bit more time working on your company website or promoting your businesses, instead of trying to hurt ours, you would be better off.