Reddit Content Gets Horribly Abused For A Profit


Here’s what gets me really angry. So I’m surfing the web and I see a seemingly interesting article on NY Magazine about the invisible shrimp in the NY tap water. I’m interested to know more so I click the source article from Gizmodo. And there it is: [Reddit].

From a journalism standpoint, there is absolutely nothing wrong with what they did. They, as a news media source, circulated information to their audience in sheer hope that they would react well to it and remain interested in their website and they cited where they got the information from. But personally, I see this as the lowest of the low. Taking someone else’s work and distributing it for their own profit. After all, their site generates ad revenue. The more people they get to see “their” content, the more money goes into their wallets. Not the lone Reddit user who got nothing more than a word at the bottom of their article. Moreover, NY Magazine redistributed Gizmodo’s post, giving them credit for the work, not the Reddit user. Worse, NY Mag is also generating ad revenue. And the cycle continues.

Essentially, these websites are acting AS Redditors should.

While Karma Decay manages in-site reposting, Google is the only way to see if a post has been abused by one of these sensational journalists. If you Google just one of the many images Reddit user ftothe3 posted, you can see that it has been reposted by 137 media sources and blogs (Make that 138), most of whom make a profit from their content.

Here you’ll find an example of my Facebook feed on a given day, filled to the brim with posts I’ve already seen on Reddit weeks ago that have been reposted to sites like Gizmodo or the Gothamist. Sites I used to enjoy reading until I realized how much of their content is just redistributed from other sites. For now, I can only dream that this trend is one day laid to rest.



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