Who needs electricity!? This handheld crank radio powers my surround sound system!

Now, I’ve had this little radio for over a year now and pretty much right before hurricane Sandy hit my area, I had just broken its built in speaker. Do not ask me how, It’s just the way things go. If this idea had crossed my mind, say, before October 29th, maybe my experience through the storm would’ve been a tiny bit more enjoyable.


To make this contraption, I started out finding which wires went to the speakers – easy enough. A smart person would then solder the wire to that connection, but of course, tape would suffice. After many attempts to get the speaker wires to stay even when pulled a bit, I closed up the casing and there you have it, a working crank radio that actually handle some real bass.


I don’t know why I didnt try my entire speaker system at this point, probably a lack of faith for the little contraption, but eventually I realized it’s true power.

Running 11 full sized speakers, the radio can’t handle such a long time without needing a crank or two (You can obviously figure out why) but here are my results:

10 minutes of music = 50 cranks. How long does it take to crank it 50 times? Give me 20 seconds.  As a secondary attempt, I got 25 minutes of music after a minute of cranking. Cranking is such an odd verb.

Regardless, that’s pretty awesome considering it’s running completely off the grid. Now if I could just get it to run my phone….

What happened to FM radio?

So my local station had this new trendy idea to advertise their “commercial free” times during the day.

“Oh my local station does that too! What station?!” 106.1 BLI in case you must know. Wow, look at that! You know that I live on Long Island! Fascinating. Anyway, im sure nearly every radio station in the country, short of a handful of high school radio stations, have been doing the same thing for years.

But they’ll stay commercial free for the same amount of time they would’ve had before with commercial breaks, only this time, they’re advertising for it as if it’s a reward that the station actually plays music. Nice.