Surface Pro 3 N-Trig Pen Design Flaw

I love my Surface. I may have some issues with Windows 10 builds every now and then, but overall, I love it. There’s one thing I don’t love, however: The pen. Since August of 2014 (Now May of 2015), I have been through 3 Surface pens. I have two major gripes with the pens. Both of them are related to fidgeting. For those who don’t know what fidgeting is, it’s basically a way to keep your mind active during a class by unscrewing the components and screwing them back on.


First, the pen nibs, once fidgeted with, is basically useless. It causes the Surface to misinterpret how hard you’re pushing down the pen on the screen. Often, when I’m writing in Onenote, the pen will start writing before it even touches the screen. This causes an unbelievable amount of illegibility. The nibs wouldn’t be so much of a problem if I could just buy a set of 20 so I had them accessible for when they start wearing out/snapping in half. Instead, you have to contact Microsoft about it and they have to send you 3 at a time…


Second, the screw on cap is made of a brittle aluminum and starts to wear out after only a few dozen screws. Two of my pen screw caps got so bad that they can’t even hold the screw cap on and so I had to tape them until I received a replacement. To Microsoft’s credit, they replaced them for free but I sure hope the caps on the Surface Pro 4 are made of a more durable metal…


The Re-Emergence of the Convertible Tablet PC


Well, now. That’s a difference. You’re looking at my current laptop on the left and one of them many convertible tablet PCs soon to be flooding the market. Before the emergence of windows 8, the Tablet PC had been in heavy decline. I swear to you, the only reason I got my first tablet was because it was so much cheaper than the other same-hardware laptops on eBay at the time. I really don’t know why they were so ostracized from the tech industry. Call me crazy, but I really like these devices! Old and new!

Sure, the old ones need a pen to use the touch screen, but you don’t have to guess where you’re about to tap. The pen has a special magnet to determine distance so you have a full pointer.

Anyway, and I guess this is my point, Windows 8 may have just saved the future of the laptop completely. Everyone wants a tablet these days. Now, you can have best of both worlds. Smart move Microsoft. Well played.

My post on tablet convertibles from the past is right here if you’re interested in my journey to find the perfect tablet: