Marriage Proposal From an Azerbaijanian Girl: An Email I Will Forever Ponder.

So I get home from school a few days ago and casually open up my email. Oh look! An email titled “Like you!!!!” from a personal address. Let’s open it. 

Good afternoon, it’s is Elma I’m from country Azerbaijan. You can see where it’s located on Google Maps. My country is independent. I find your address in dating marriage agency. In my country there are cruel traditions and rules for the girls. So I am so lonely in my life, and I know that never be happy here. I wish to find a real man from another country. With such man I will spend all my life. I’m sure I will be faithful and curious woman for this man. I will forward you my picturetures later, it’s really beautiful and you will like it, I’m sure. And after it you will have yet decire to speak with me! If you do not have relationships with other women now, and if you are also lonely, then I desire you write me the answer. I wish to learn you better. I really desire on your soon answer. And I’ll tell you yet about me, and we be able to comunicate. I’m looking forward to your answer Elma

Am I insane? Misinterpreting this letter? WHAT the hell did I just read!? I understand getting those junk or ads, but this is a personal letter!

How old is this girl, too? 12? Honestly, I have nothing more to say. It’s just so strange. How on EARTH would someone get my email? Is it a scam? Lure me in with some story and then somehow i’ll end up disappearing on the walk to the bus stop one morning? It’s all such a mystery. Well. I wish the best to the mystery girl, but i’ll be on my way. One post at a time.

Obama and his marital problems….?

“A controversial new biography of President Obama claims that Michelle Obama planned to divorce the future president in 2000.”

You know what he’s actually going to lose? His position in the White House.

Why does America care about this? Honest question. People genuinely care that he almost got a divorce in country that has divorce rates over 50%. It’s baffling to me, quite honestly. I’m not here to banter on what he’s done, or more likely, what he hasn’t done – a quick Google search can tell you all the horrors – I just want to know why America is dumb enough to carefully watch over the president when an entertainment story comes up, and not when he slyly ruins America with varied executive orders that destroy the values America was built on. Is it that so hard to ask?