Name ONE reason why you just bought a flat screen over a projector

I’m not going to go on a whole banter (I’ve already done so here on the topic here) but I simply don’t understand the logic behind getting a TV. Honestly, no matter how many times I see someone with a new TV, I never understand why they just wasted their money on something like that. Maybe I’m mentally insane, but I just don’t understand why people craze over TV’s that are less than half the size of a projector.

Even the whole new “Smart” TV thing, you know, where a┬áJapanese┬ácompany throws in 5 crappy apps and calls the TV “smart?” I mean, you can plug in a Mac/PC/iDevice/Game Console to a projector. BAM. Smarter than ANY TV on the market. Oh well. Life will go on, I suppose


How much exactly has technology changed?

As any young toddler would say, arms as wide as physically possible, this much!

Above is a picture of two technological devices – Look at that fancy vocabulary. One is a .8 GB Hard Drive and the other is an 8 GB Flash Drive. One was used as an entire computer’s data source. One holds both important files and an emergency version of Ubuntu for when I screw up my computer. It happens. Enough said.