Why I’m Not Returning My Recalled Fitbit Force. Just Yet.


Since Fitbit recalled my Force, I’ve been really having a dilemma with myself over this watch. I want to initiate the recall and everything but I really do like the watch. It lasts for 10 days, stores multiple days of data without syncing, isn’t an overbearing size and its just a really pleasant design.

Currently the only thing that is making me want to send it back is the fact that I know I overpayed for this thing at Best Buy. I’d be able to use the money for the next Fitbit …if only it was released.

I contacted customer service at Fitbit and they told me I could return it at any time. So I suppose its just a waiting game until they release their next generation device. Further, there’s a potential update in the looms for the Force. Depending on how long the next generation takes to come to market depends on whether or not I keep it.

To anyone contemplating it: I’m in the same boat. And no. I’m not interested in taking the recall money to get a Gear Fit. It looks dumb as all hell in use.