Name ONE reason why you just bought a flat screen over a projector

I’m not going to go on a whole banter (I’ve already done so here on the topic here) but I simply don’t understand the logic behind getting a TV. Honestly, no matter how many times I see someone with a new TV, I never understand why they just wasted their money on something like that. Maybe I’m mentally insane, but I just don’t understand why people craze over TV’s that are less than half the size of a projector.

Even the whole new “Smart” TV thing, you know, where a┬áJapanese┬ácompany throws in 5 crappy apps and calls the TV “smart?” I mean, you can plug in a Mac/PC/iDevice/Game Console to a projector. BAM. Smarter than ANY TV on the market. Oh well. Life will go on, I suppose

What happened to FM radio?

So my local station had this new trendy idea to advertise their “commercial free” times during the day.

“Oh my local station does that too! What station?!” 106.1 BLI in case you must know. Wow, look at that! You know that I live on Long Island! Fascinating. Anyway, im sure nearly every radio station in the country, short of a handful of high school radio stations, have been doing the same thing for years.

But they’ll stay commercial free for the same amount of time they would’ve had before with commercial breaks, only this time, they’re advertising for it as if it’s a reward that the station actually plays music. Nice.