Milk Substitutes Have One Major Flaw: Dunking

So here I am, dunking Oreo’s in my Cashew Milk and they just won’t get to that perfect hard-soggy mix no matter how long I keep it in the drink. Frustrated, I go to get a normal glass of milk to conduct a little test. As it turns out, Oreo’s sink in 2% milk after a minute and 45 seconds. In the cashew milk, I waited 30 minutes before losing my patience and eating the cookie. It wasn’t even soggy…


So what does this mean? Well, it could mean that processed milk is more watery than milk right from the cow and thus, perfect for dunking. Unfortunately, I don’t own a cow to test that theory. It could also mean that milk replacements are more dense than milk. I also don’t think Silk and other companies should make their drinks more watery. I like the creaminess of Almond/Cashew milk.