Personalized Freelance Letters

To practice my freelance writing, i’m selling personalized stories of at least 300 words each for $3.99 each! Below is the latest letter.

If you would like to help me and my practice, Give it a go! It will be sent to you in an envelope to your address, and all you have to do is give me a sentence to start the story!

As I stumbled through the streets, I caught my reflection in a shop’s window, and had to wonder where my pants were. The people around me were beginning to awkwardly stare, and some were instagraming a crudely taken phone picture of me to show to all their friends how weird I was. But where had they gone? I walked to the local JCPenny to pick up a stunning pair of Levi mockips and carried on with my monotonous day.

It wasn’t until a week later when I was approached by a tall young gentleman who had claimed to know about the incident. He brought me to the nearest Starbucks, which wasn’t very hard to find, since it was right behind where he approached me. Here, he explained that I had been robbed of my pants by the U.S. government because they were a thrifted off pair of Obama’s jeans he had sold for some quick money to repay his debt to china. Inside, he had left a USB drive filled with every government secret that existed – a 2 terabyte disk (which explained why it was so uncomfortable in the rear.) He thanked me for protecting the governments most inner secrets and allowed me to learn just one of them. “Obama likes to eat cream pies.”

I had (unknowingly) protected the United States and the agent tells me he likes cream pies. Next time I get a pair of Obama’s jeans,  I expect a few ladies and an ample sum of money. Otherwise, I’ll go all wikilinks on their ass.

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