Penpals iPhone App: A childhood dream

When I was younger, I always urged my teacher to do pen pals with another class, even if it was another school in the came county. Today, I have an app, cleverly named, Penpals that has fulfilled my desire to have real penpals from across the globe.

How I find the right people? Simple. Create a creative story asking for their help!

My Example:

Hey! I’m —— from ——- and I’m in big trouble. I bought a banana nut muffin from the local deli and brought it home. Before I could take a bite, it spawned little arms and began to claw at me. I called muffin control and tried everything from a girl-disguise muffin to hiring a ninja to slice it into pieces. Now I’m asking for your help.

The people who reply things like: “Lay off the weed man,” Ignore.

The one’s who play along, continue for a while! I picked one person who I really enjoyed talking to and now we talk in page long messages about the strangest but most entertaining things!

Try it yourself!:

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