Kimco Continues to Transform its Properties & its Portfolio Toward its 2020 Vision

In a timely decision to reinvest in the United States, Kimco completed its divestment from Canada and Mexico to focus solely on its US assets. The goal, as described in its long term strategy plan, is to create “high-quality” properties located primarily in major metro areas. As shown, Kimco completed it’s strategic four year exit… Read more »

The Suffolk County Bus System Could Be So Much More

Long Islanders love their cars. According to the 2015 American Community Survey, of the 2.8 million people (1.3 million workers) living on Long Island, just 11% of them use public transit (bus + rail) to get to work. A whopping 74% of workers drive alone. While train ridership is generally more widely used, bus ridership on… Read more »

1967: The Building of 4 New York Plaza

I was recently scanning some family photos when I came across a fantastically lined up pair of images that depict the before/during construction images of 4 New York Plaza being built in 1967. The photos were taken from my grandmother’s workplace at 40 Wall St. After some color adjustments, here they are: (click and drag… Read more »

How Easily to Make an Isochrone (For Free!)

For those who have never heard of one, an Isochrone is an awesome map that shows you how far you can travel in a given amount of time. The above image, for example, shows how far I could travel (by car doing the speed limit) from my home town in hour increments. I had seen… Read more »

2016 Presidential Candidate Wikipedia Page Edits (2001-2016) – Another Look

In February, I made a chart that visualized the Wikipedia page edits for each of the candidates. I won’t get into why Wikipedia page edits might be an insight into something deeper here. I’ll let you decide what they mean. Now that we, as a country, have narrowed down our choices, I decided to make… Read more »

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We’re Back!

After iPage decided they wanted to charge $400 a year for a website I do not profit off of in any way, I decided to switch over to a much cheaper host (and thus far, much more responsive one): Namecheap. The site should be back as it was but if anyone sees anything while browsing,… Read more »

Why Saint James, New York is at an Important Crossroads

Preface: Before you read the article, I want to make it clear that St. James is a cute little town that has a great community of residents – something many areas of Long Island are without. Between the vacant stores are a healthy variety of small businesses, eateries and offices. I absolutely do not mean to… Read more »

The Case Against Water Delivery In Offices

Scenario: Let’s say you run a NYC firm of 40 people. Based on data from the USDA, the average American drinks  3.9 cups per day. Assuming your employees drink about that each day, they would drink 280 gallons in a month. Currently, you’re just providing tap from the sink but a representative from a water… Read more »

2016 Presidential Candidate Wikipedia Page Edits (2001-2016)

Out of sheer curiosity, I compiled the revision history data from Wikipedia for the 11 leading presidential candidates. The resulting chart could display which candidate is most popular, which candidate has most to hide or nothing at all. It’s all up for your interpretation! Note that for this graph, the 2016 edits are projected based… Read more »

How to See Your First Messages With Someone on Facebook

Below, you’ll find four different guides on how to see and save your old Facebook messages. If you follow these guides, you’ll be able to see your first Facebook message with someone (as long as Facebook hasn’t deleted it), save all of your messages for safe keeping or simply take a stroll down memory lane…. Read more »

  • If a tree grows in the middle of a sidewalk, does anyone care? Apparently not.

    Biking through my neighborhood, I came across this tree, I mean, it was hard to miss, jetting out onto sidewalk and you know what? I went around it. True story. Life’s like a sidewalk. If something is in the way (of succeeding or some corny life goal) then go around it. Well there’s my life… Read more »

  • How to wear iPod Nano watches without looking obnoxious

    I’m not one to show off what I own, or anything for that matter. So for me, having a $150+ piece of technology on my wrist didn’t come easily. All it took was a single post on eBay for curiosity to take over. It was only $3.99, three hundred ninety nine little pennies, how could pass up… Read more »

  • Home Theater Quality Projectors For Less Than the Ones at ToysRus

    So there are a lot of articles for the best projectors under $100 online. But most of them all show the same thing. Those crappy little projectors that are unable to project an image larger than the size of a computer monitor! And even the ones they sell for kids, you know, to play video… Read more »

  • Zipbuds: The best headphones under $50

    It all started last Christmas. I was given a pair of Zipbud headphones. From that moment on, I would no longer use my perfectly functioning Skullcandys. The zipper design was far more elegant than the cheapo branded ones you can buy at Walmart and the overly inflated ones you can buy from Bose. Plus, they… Read more »

  • The Truth About Words With Friends

    Let’s face it: There’s no winning that game without cheating. I’m telling you right now: One of your friends is going to start cheating (getting 80, 62 and 78 point words that are clearly too advanced for their own personal vocabulary.) They’re going to send you messages saying “I thought you were smart” and “I SWEAR… Read more »

  • My Family History: Not Your Usual Storybook

    I’d like to start with some background: After WWII, the area which is now Osor, Croatia was under the “Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia.” This simplifies down to: The government was communist. My great uncle, Zio Antonio, and two of his other friends decided to try escaping communism…. on a row boat. Lost without compass, attempting to steer… Read more »

  • Websense Has Class *Pinky Up*

    So i’m tasteless, you say? Just LOOK at that font! You should be ashamed of yourselves! And do you see that grey-blue background? SO 90’s! It was a site proving how humanity is doomed… With those color schemes, I know it is.

  • Do Italians have something against Google Translate?

    This image is from my last trip to Italy, taken in a fairly popular restaurant in Rome.   Notice the Contorni di Giornata: Side Dish of the Day The menu reads: Side Dice of the Day Notice Patate Fritte: French Fries The menu reads: Fried ShipsI understand one mistake, but as I was typing this post, I noticed… Read more »

  • Welcome to Spain! Or not…..

    I took this picture last summer in Barcelona, Spain.Think about it. You’re in SPAIN. And you see a sign on a telephone pole that happens to be written in English. No, it isn’t welcoming tourists. It’s telling them not to pee in the street. Oh gee, thanks Spain!