Like if you’re…

“Like if you’re on facebook right now.” “Like if you love jesus.” “Like if you don’t like cancer.” “Like if you hate homework.” “Like if you breathe in air.” “Reshare if you love god, in 120 seconds he will do you a favor.” “Share in 2 seconds and you’ll get a surprise!” Are you noticing a trend? Any sense of repetition? Any apparent appeals being tossed around? Just wondering if I’m the only one who sees this. Because there is a trend, and it really needs to stop. But what I just wrote is practically the same level of illogical garbage that is a person’s desperate attempt to get “likes” or “subscribers.”

It’s just as ridiculous as way back when (6 months ago) people would like every waking facebook page that popped up.

That’s what I miss about the old facebook; before it was overrun by a desperate few. I actually liked when facebook told a person’s favorite stories. I liked when people would write their utmost inner feelings and share them with the world, no matter how desperate for attention it was. I liked it when a status meant what the definition of the word actually meant; a state of affairs. But I don’t like where it’s headed.

Coming to a gas station near you: Religious comics made to scare the crap out of you

If you ever want a good laugh, on your next drive through South Carolina, walk into a local gas station. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a rack of pamphlet comic strips.

Take as many as you possibly can and run out of the store with the entire rack.

Each holds a story of a sinner, and how they will rot in hell for it.

Why make these overly persuasive comics? A sad, sad attempt to scare you into converting to whatever religion they were advocating for.

If I really wanted to explore different religions, I would make sure to stay away from any church that would be sick enough to make something so heinous.

My Ugly Generic Chinese Branded Watch & Loop

How to wear iPod Nano watches without looking obnoxious

I’m not one to show off what I own, or anything for that matter. So for me, having a $150+ piece of technology on my wrist didn’t come easily. All it took was a single post on eBay for curiosity to take over. It was only $3.99, three hundred ninety nine little pennies, how could pass up an offer so cheap? I simply had to give the concept of having an iPod on my wrist a try, for there was nothing to lose. Except my dignity, and my hard earned pennies.

Weeks later, I opened the manila envelope straight out of China to find quite possibly the ugliest band of black silicone I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I managed to jam my iPod into the encasing that, after a journey across the globe, would sit atop my wrist in only a few moments. It was on my wrist, and I walked downstairs only to be greeted with immediate ridicule from my family, as anyone would expect.

I have worn the watch once since.

Home Theater Quality Projectors For Less Than the Ones at ToysRus

Home Theater Quality Projectors For Less Than the Ones at ToysRus

So there are a lot of articles for the best projectors under $100 online. But most of them all show the same thing. Those crappy little projectors that are unable to project an image larger than the size of a computer monitor! And even the ones they sell for kids, you know, to play video games on their bed to project onto the ceiling. Those are even more unrealistic (and overpriced) since not only is the image quality absolutely ridiculous, but in order to keep them upright to the ceiling is near impossible. So I set out to find a projector of worth, that would fit my 3 requirements:

  1. It had to be able to project a large enough image to fit the size of my attic room wall (100 inches across exactly)
  2. It had to be bright enough to see if the lights were off  (and if possible, when they’re on)
  3. It had to fit my budget of $100.

Zipbuds: The best headphones under $50

It all started last Christmas. I was given a pair of Zipbud headphones. From that moment on, I would no longer use my perfectly functioning Skullcandys.

The zipper design was far more elegant than the cheapo branded ones you can buy at Walmart and the overly inflated ones you can buy from Bose. Plus, they extend far enough that you can actually SHARE headphones with someone else without worrying that you’ll rip them out of the other person’s ears god forbid you venture more than a foot from their head.

The bass, treble, etc…… Why comment on them! Obviously they surpass others if I’m writing an entire review on them!

Unforgettably, I plugged them into my ipod a few months ago and found them to be mute. When I contacted the company, they sent me a new pair right away. Another few months pass and once again, bad luck me. They quickly sent me a new pair! (I hope you’re noticing a trend.) About a week ago, it happened again. I sent them all my previous pairs in attempt to diagnose why this was happening.

Meanwhile, they sent me their new version – which is better than all the rest!

Now don’t mind me. I am an example of anecdotal evidence – Meaning that this is not a trend with other buyers.

What you should note however, is their amazing customer service. Plus, you should give it some thought to get yourself a pair. I may not be Cnet, Consumer Reports or Gizmodo, but damn it, these are the buds to buy! With any other company, I would have steered clear of getting a second pair. With Zipbuds, my sisters and cousins all have a pair. Now that’s something.

Sincerely, a happy customer!

The Truth About Words With Friends

Let’s face it: There’s no winning that game without cheating.

I’m telling you right now: One of your friends is going to start cheating (getting 80, 62 and 78 point words that are clearly too advanced for their own personal vocabulary.)

They’re going to send you messages saying “I thought you were smart” and “I SWEAR I didn’t cheat on that word” but the two words  end up being: Bough and Leer.

Perhaps they were Fay or Sows.
Pelts or Helms.
Node or Orcas.

Yet these words, no matter the length, turn out to be upwards of 75 points each.
Perhaps the three letter word will be doubled up, spelling Fa, Wo or Oy.
“Words” you’d expect to see the characters of a Japanese Anime show to blurt out.

Don’t let them win.
Play their game.
Cheat too.

Why do such an dishonorable thing?
To shove it in their faces that you too can be not only “smart,” but intelligent.

My Family History: Not Your Usual Storybook

I’d like to start with some background:

After WWII, the area which is now Osor, Croatia was under the “Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia.”
This simplifies down to: The government was communist.

My great uncle, Zio Antonio, and two of his other friends decided to try escaping communism…. on a row boat. Lost without compass, attempting to steer toward Italy, the boat ends up half way down the 1,104 mile long coast of Croatia. Who would imagine that a large fishing boat would have spotted them despite the fact that they were in a row boat! Further, who would imagine that that the captain of the ship was a man who lived in his hometown of Osor…… across the street from him his entire life.

So the boat drops them off in Italy and they ask for political exile and that’s that.

Another thing I learned in this conversation was that my grandma, who grew up in Ventotene, Italy (Shown above) met her husband from Osor by prank calling him for MONTHS, until, he figured out who had been calling him. All the girls who were involved in the scheme were offered to dinner so he could finally meet the girls he had wondered so much about.

After the dinner, my grandfather walked out with the “main” prank caller, who spoke to him the most, holding an umbrella over her head, and they all went to see a movie.

When the movie was over, my grandpa was holding the umbrella over my grandma instead.

Websense Has Class *Pinky Up*

So i’m tasteless, you say? Just LOOK at that font! You should be ashamed of yourselves! And do you see that grey-blue background? SO 90’s! It was a site proving how humanity is doomed… With those color schemes, I know it is.