A different perspective of musical appeal

In going to different countries, I’ve noticed something about people’s enjoyment and feel for music. At times, unlike many Americans would agree, many Europeans don’t listen to the words (often because they aren’t in their native language) and yet, they still enjoy it.
Take Alors On Danse.
This song became a popular club and party song even in the US. Did the kids who took French understand it? I’d guess no for most parts. This also exists with other songs such as Danza Kuduro and We No Speak Americano in America.

In Europe, American music is played on radio most often more than European.
Here’s one of my personal favorites: Radio Subasio

But why are these songs still good enough for say, an Italian to download them on their iPod? Because we, as complex beings, can not only comprehend the words to the song, but take sound waves and turn them into something our minds can also comprehend: music.

I’m not back talking lyrics, for language is one of the beauties of song. Take the lyrics of “Stereo Hearts”

“My heart’s a stereo
It beats for your, so listen close
Hear my thoughts in every note
Make me your radio
Turn me up when you feel low
This melody was meant for you
Just sing along to my stereoIf I was just another dusty record on the shelve
Will you blow me off and play me like everybody else
If I ask you to scratch my back, could you manage that
Like it read well, check it Travie, I can handle that
Furthermore, I apologize for any skipping tracks
This the last girl that play me left a couple cracks
I used to used to used to used to, now I’m over that
Cause holding grudges over love is ancient artifacts

If I could only find a note to make you understand
I sing a song and the image grab me by the hands
Keep myself inside your head, like your favorite tune
And know my heart is a stereo that only plays for you”

These lines are genius. The rhetoric is key. The meaning is beautiful.
And yet, the language of the song is the most beautiful part.

Coleman lanterns are durable: Fact.

On our way camping, full speed down a CT highway, an entire bin flew off the car and onto the road. Glad bags and cups went flying, but to my surprise, our Coleman lantern survived being thrown from a car, hit by another and rolled off to the side of the road.

Never drive with anything on the roof.
Lesson learned!

It doesnt get worse than this: The story of my iPhone

It all began one morning at a gas station. I watched as someone accidentally ran over someone’s phone, sped off, and left one angry girl. She picked up the broken up iPhone and threw it in the garbage. Luciky, I have an appreciation for technology, so, I picked it up and brought it home. It seemed to only need a digitizer(touch screen) so I fired up amazon and ordered one for a whopping: 15 dollars. I coated it in saran wrap to prevent me from scratching myself while I waited for the screen, and installed my Apps and Music.

When It arrived, I followed the poorly written, broken English, instruction sheet and opened the Youtube video they provided, since it was my first time attempting to fix an iPhone’s screen. It went well, with the exception of a small dot on the top of the LCD known as “bleeding”, which I ignored.
After a few months, I broke the LCD while listening to my genius plan to squish the black liquid back into the edge of the screen. Back to Amazon I went, only this time for an LCD. Upon installing, I cracked the digitizer in the process, again. So, the Noob I am, kept the cycle going and ordered another one and installed it, this time perfectly. I put a screen protector on as well as a nice case to prevent any further mistakes.
But, my luck, the LCD I was sent crapped out on me while riding home on the train. I contacted the seller and he gave me another one, but only after I reported him to Amazon because he ignored my claim for a good 2 weeks. Now that I was a pro, I didn’t crack the screen or touch screen while I installed it.
Recently, I was showing someone a picture and it slipped out of my hand, slowly falling to the ground. Unlike ALL the other times i’ve dropped it, it cracked right on top, but luckily not over the screen. Unfortunately, the screen stopped working after a few days and I have ordered the pricey 7 dollar screen once again.

All in all, It would have been MUCH cheaper to buy an iPhone 3G online someplace than to keep buying these touch screens. As for now, here are some pictures to demonstrate my destruction.

Yeah……I don’t have the best luck with this device.

My makeshift saran wrap cover meets in the back of the iPhone

Proof that fighting back is sometimes better: My quest to regain 10 points from Yahoo Answers

Here I am minding my own business trying to help a few people out before their question on Yahoo Answers closes and I get an email from Yahoo. Usually it’s about getting “Voted best answer” but today was a bit different.

In the email, they said the following message:
“You have posted content to Yahoo! Answers in violation of our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. As a result, your content has been deleted and 10 points have been deducted from your points total…Question: Need help with a computer virus?
Deleted Answer: Get a Mac
Violation Reason: Misuse of the question and answer formatIn Yahoo! Answers you must phrase questions in question format….

If you feel this content was removed in error….”
My Objection:
Although this answer may not be a very practical and cheap solution to the question, it still proves a valid point that this is a possible and good choice of action in the future and possibly sooner.And a few hours later, a message arrives stating:
“Upon review, we found that the following answer was not in violation of the Answers Community Guidelines or Yahoo! Terms of Service. The Yahoo! Answers Team regrets that your answer was wrongfully reported by the Answerscommunity. Your answer has been reposted to Yahoo! Answers, and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.”
They were so sorry that they sent me another message saying:
Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Answers Customer Care. We have reviewed your appeal request. Upon review, we found that your content was not in violation of the Yahoo! Answers Community Guidelines, Yahoo! Community Guidelines, or the Yahoo! Terms of Service. Your content has been reposted to Yahoo! Answers, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Answers Customer Care.

Feel free to look at the full question here: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110103174328AAgwitO
This just goes to show:
If you don’t speak up sometimes, you allow others to do that for you.

European Fanta Vs. American Fanta: HUGE difference

On my trip to Italy, I realized the fanta (still made by the Coke company) tasted MUCH better than the American version. Since no one believed me, I vowed to prove it when I returned. So I took the product information label off a bottle of Fanta to see how different the SAME drink may be, when it is produced in different countries. Here’s what I found.

Italian Version:
Senza aggiunta di conservanti = No preservatives
Senza coloranti = No dyes
Aromi naturali = Natural flavors (This is the only one that they have in common!)
di aranciata al 12% di succo di arancia si è preparato con il SUCCO di ARANCE= 12% of orange juice to orange juice is made with orange juice. (What that means is beyond me.)

“Non-alcoholic Orange juice.” I really enjoy that sentence.

What’s green is not found in the American version.


Water. orange juice. carbon dioxide.acidifier citric acid, natural flavors. stabilizing gum acacia. antioxidant ascorbic acid.”Store in a cool, dry, clean and odor-free, away from sunlight and heat sources.

Informazioni nutrizionali per 100 ml: (Nutrition information per 100 ml:)
Valore energetico (Calories) 48 kcal, 202 kj
Protiene: (Protien) 0g
carboidrati (carbohydrates AKA sugar) 11.7 g
Grassi: (Fat) 0g
fibre alimentari: (dietary fiber) 0g
Sodio(Sodium) 0mg
Now for the American Version:
“Contains No Juice”
100% Natural Flavors
What’s red is the different ingredients not found in the Italian version.

Carbonated Water, High fructose corn syrup, citric acid, sodium benzoate (To protect taste (AKA PRESERVATIVES), Natural flavors, Modified food starch, Sodium phosphates, glycerol ester of rosin, yellow 6, brominated vegitable oil, red 40.”Low Sodium”

Per 100 ml (Did some math here)
Sodium: 16.4mg
Fat: 0g
Total Carbs: 13.1g
Sugar: 13.1g
Protein: 0g.

To sum up the Nutritional Facts:
The Italian version has less Sodium, Sugar and Carbs.

To sum up the ingredients:
Look up. I think it’s clear.

To sum up the taste:
There is no comparison to the taste of the Italian version of Fanta.

Chinese Manuals: A horror story

Recently, someone gave me a solar charger because they didnt want it. When I opened it, I, as anyone should, got out the directions and began reading. Unfortunately, the directions were only half English, and even that was terribly written. Like, they could at LEAST use some spell check!

So I took the liberty of typing them, word for word, to show you how ridiculous it really is. JK, I used OCR and even second guessed my printer, because some things were just THAT bad.

So read, and enjoy, as your brain cells slowly decrease. The highlighted words are the most noticeable.


User’s manual


This product is a high-power & high-capacity multi-function solar emergency charger, with built-in high-capacity lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries, the power of  (the) solar panels is up to 0.8w.it can be recharged anywhere and anytime for your mobile phones, digital cameras, PDA,MP3,MP4 and other digital products.its luxury appearance,small and compact design,make you easy to carry ,show your elegance and fashion.


Note : the initial use of this product needs more than two circles of complete recharge and discharge at least beofer use it ,in order to improve the efficiency of the built-in battery.

Using steps:

1. Please perform (the) recharge before use(ing) it, there are three options to choose:

A: Display the charger under the direct sun or strong light, the sunlight will be automatically converted into electrical energy for the automatic built-in rechargeable lithium batteries. At this point solar charger indicator light will show the charge is on, when the battery is full, the light of the battery capacity will turn on. (Internal circuit design with automatic power-off protection)

B: Connect the charger to the Computer with USB line,the USB indicator light at this time will turn on,which show the charge is on, when the battery is full, the light of the battery capacity will turn on. (Internal circuit design with automatic power-off protection)

C: Use AC adapter charging. the USB charging indicator light will on, when the battery is full the light of the battery capacity will turn on.

(Internal circuit design with automatic power-off protection)

2. Before you recharge your digital products or mobile phone,please carefully check your product manual or power adapter, and get to know its charging voltage.This charger provides you an adjustable output voltage, that is 3.7V, 4.2V, 5.5V and 9V respectively, generally 5.5V. then according to the voltage of your product needs, switch the pulling knob to the corresponding voltage Stalls, and then connected the USB 5P plug, which extended thetransfering line, with the charger, and then connected the other end with the corresponding adapter, and then connected to your product for charging.

3. ln charging process. your cell phone and digital products will show the charging prompt and you can use your mobile phone for communication while it is still in charging


l. Especially suitable for emergency occasions when you work or travel in the wild orpower cut occurred solar charger will help you a lot,so that your mobile phone could maintain in working state at anytime and anywhere ,and to maintain contact with others at any time ;

2. Easy to use

You can be very convenient to recharge your mobile phone or other digital products anytime and anywhere;

3  High-efficiency recharge

High efficiency and fast ,just to recharge your mobile phone 60 minutes ,and then you will achieve up to 100-150 minutes of talk time ;

4. Energy saving and environment protection:

Use green energy, (such as) the solar chargers, let’s  work together to contribute to environmental protection.

5. Fashion(able) appearance and easy to carry

Simple and Luxury(ous) appearance, ultra-thin aluminum alloy shell design, variety of color,fashion, cute ,small and compact easy to carry;

6.There arc several different voltages  optionable

3.7V / 4.2V / 5.5V / 9V respectively, generally 5.5V, to adapt to a wider range.

7. Equipped with light

Equipped with a high-brightness far horizon LED light, can working more than 30 hours to facilitate the use of emergency and night travel.

8. Safety for use

Equipped with an overcharge protection which effectively extending the battery life ,make you use safely.


1. Imported monocrystalline silicon or polysilicon of high conversion efficiency has been adopted the solar energy conversion rate is up to more than  16%

2. Specifications for  solar panels: 5,5v 150mA, power up to 0.8W.

3. The built-in high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery (900mAh or more, dffferentmodels optionable match the lithium batteries of different specifications).

4. Output: voltage:3,7v, 4 2v, 5,5v and 9v, generally 5.5V multiplicate output ports optionable.

5. Output current 400-500mAh

6. Charging time for (a) mobile phone:About 60 minutes (Different brands and models of mobile phone is with different charging time),

7. Charging time for built-In battery of solar charger is  10-15 hours (depends on light intensity and battery capacity).

8. If computer USB port or AC adapter recharge the built-in battery, charging time : about 3-5  hours.

This product applies to the following product for charging:

* Mobile phone,  Digital camera,  PDA,  PSP  MP3,  MP4   GPS,  DV(D?),  …… *

USB and variety of mini converters configuration) (Yes, that’s a random ) )


1 . Please do not use sharp objects to scrape the surface of the sun measurement battery


2. When recharge the built-in battery of the charger with solar energysolar panels should

be placed upward under direct sunlight to ensure the best results in charge

3. Please use the original adapter from the manufacturer for the charger  ,do not use other

AC adapter.

4.This product should be placed in  dry and moisture-proof place.

5. As a result of short-circuit protection,simply remove the load of short-circuit,and it will

be automatically restored in 10 seconds.”

In conclusion, my solar panel works great. The end.

Ink-Be-Gone: Win the battle against your kids

Ink-Be-Gone: Win the battle against your kids

After receiving a free sample of this  product, I couldn’t find a use for it. I just so happened to realize that there was a mess of sharpie on my desk, the remains of an easter egg drawn on a thin piece of paper. I wiped it down and it was gone!

My final result:

Clearly, this stuff works! Pick up a bottle and try it for yourself!

Review: Canon Powershot SX200 IS

As an owner, having brought this camera to Italy, Spain and the Presidential Peaks, NH, I have had much field experience with this camera.

The Bad:
A grain of sand made it into the lens, causing an annoying screeching noise, which would eventually make the lens literally fall off. However, I easily snapped it back on after blowing on it, and the noise was gone.

While walking in the pouring rain through West Side Park in NYC, I stumbled across a heliport as a helicopter was preparing to take off. I pulled out my camera and started recording. After a longer then expected preparation, the helicopter took off into the sky, but my camera shut off because of the immense amount of exposure to wind and rain. But when I turned it on the next day, the camera proved its durability.

These problems were all caused not by the manufacture, but my own stupidity.

The Good:

This camera has proved, as shown above, its unexpected durability. Its battery life is decent, and the rechargeable battery that is looked down upon by many, proves to be useful and efficient.

Going from a previous 4X zoom Canon Camera to a 12X was quite a jump for me, especially learning that quality comes with the zoom and lens size, not megapixels.

However, the camera’s HD video is actually problematic for me, since it is too clear and high quality to play on my Intel Atom Netbook, as well as other regular laptops I have tried it on. The TV video-out feature is great for this reason.

The flash has also taken some hits by reviewers, and I strongly disagree. Instead of clicking a button and re-enabling it when you need it, this camera allows you to simply manually shut it while you take the photo, and it automatically pops back up when you release your finger.

Speaking of flash, I havent needed it for average nighttime shots. I have been inside without any problem, streets at night, and even Blaze (Pumpkin Festival) and have been able to shoot without a flash.

Overall, this camera has been the best I have ever had, and I think it will be hard to match! Good Job, Canon. I expect to remain a customer if you keep up the good work!