The Truth About Words With Friends

Let’s face it: There’s no winning that game without cheating.

I’m telling you right now: One of your friends is going to start cheating (getting 80, 62 and 78 point words that are clearly too advanced for their own personal vocabulary.)

They’re going to send you messages saying “I thought you were smart” and “I SWEAR I didn’t cheat on that word” but the two words  end up being: Bough and Leer.

Perhaps they were Fay or Sows.
Pelts or Helms.
Node or Orcas.

Yet these words, no matter the length, turn out to be upwards of 75 points each.
Perhaps the three letter word will be doubled up, spelling Fa, Wo or Oy.
“Words” you’d expect to see the characters of a Japanese Anime show to blurt out.

Don’t let them win.
Play their game.
Cheat too.

Why do such an dishonorable thing?
To shove it in their faces that you too can be not only “smart,” but intelligent.

My Family History: Not Your Usual Storybook

I’d like to start with some background:

After WWII, the area which is now Osor, Croatia was under the “Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia.”
This simplifies down to: The government was communist.

My great uncle, Zio Antonio, and two of his other friends decided to try escaping communism…. on a row boat. Lost without compass, attempting to steer toward Italy, the boat ends up half way down the 1,104 mile long coast of Croatia. Who would imagine that a large fishing boat would have spotted them despite the fact that they were in a row boat! Further, who would imagine that that the captain of the ship was a man who lived in his hometown of Osor…… across the street from him his entire life.

So the boat drops them off in Italy and they ask for political exile and that’s that.

Another thing I learned in this conversation was that my grandma, who grew up in Ventotene, Italy (Shown above) met her husband from Osor by prank calling him for MONTHS, until, he figured out who had been calling him. All the girls who were involved in the scheme were offered to dinner so he could finally meet the girls he had wondered so much about.

After the dinner, my grandfather walked out with the “main” prank caller, who spoke to him the most, holding an umbrella over her head, and they all went to see a movie.

When the movie was over, my grandpa was holding the umbrella over my grandma instead.

Websense Has Class *Pinky Up*

So i’m tasteless, you say? Just LOOK at that font! You should be ashamed of yourselves! And do you see that grey-blue background? SO 90’s! It was a site proving how humanity is doomed… With those color schemes, I know it is.
Do Italians have something against Google Translate?

Do Italians have something against Google Translate?

This image is from my last trip to Italy, taken in a fairly popular restaurant in Rome.

Notice the Contorni di Giornata: Side Dish of the Day

The menu reads: Side Dice of the Day

Notice Patate Fritte: French Fries

The menu reads: Fried Ships

I understand one mistake, but as I was typing this post, I noticed a second error on the same menu! “E” for effort!

Welcome to Spain! Or not…..

I took this picture last summer in Barcelona, Spain.Think about it. You’re in SPAIN. And you see a sign on a telephone pole that happens to be written in English. No, it isn’t welcoming tourists. It’s telling them not to pee in the street.

Oh gee, thanks Spain!

Dell BIOS: Fail

Ok, so I don’t have a keyboard at the moment, no big deal, right? Wrong.

Dell apparently thinks you need one at all times and there is no possible way that a computer could ever function without one.

Translation: I’m not getting onto my computer.

Is Spongebob bad for kids? Not at all!

Today, I watched m AP Psychology teacher go absolutely berserk over the fact that this new study that’s all over the news is completely wrong!This study tested 60 kids (already a small number of test subjects) and broke them into THREE groups. I may not be a genius, but that’s TWENTY kids per group.

That’s not nearly enough to generalize a nation of 4 year olds (which did I mention that the show is not meant for children under 7 year olds anyway!)

All this study is going to do is (and I say this on September 15th, 2011) use this as a reason to for parents to whine and complain to pull one of the most loved cartoons in history, after Looney Toons of course, from the air!

Don’t fall into the trap America. Don’t just absorb and regurgitate what the media has told you before you look into something yourself.

To ridicule it, visit:

What FIRST Robotics Should Be, And What It’s Not

In Robotics, there are a few factors that give some teams a better advantage

1. Lots of dough
2. Lots of teachers
3. Lots of Kids

But numbers one and two provide for an unfair advantage, and it’s not the kids i’m talking about.

To show how a FIRST Team should run, i’ll bring in Gear Ratios

Key: Student:Teacher
Direct drive= Terrible
1:2= Ridiculous. I’ve seen many teams where there are more mentors than students. That makes me sick.
2:1= Slightly better…
4:1= Closer
8:1= Student run team, this team learns how to do something useful for their future, rather than having others do everything for them. These kids work through their errors and take pride in their work

I’ve seen teams from bad neighborhoods, missing functionality on their robot, with kids trying to compete with students with around 1 million dollars in spending money. These kids may be in the same competition, but they are far from similar. The kids without the money are trying to build something together, getting other team’s help, and getting the most from their experience. These are the idealist teams, the ones who should be winning the prizes, because these people are motivated to do their best.

There’s my rant. I hope this is heard by the people of FIRST…

*I am not aiming this at certain teams, it is just a trend I am noticing*

Apple's dumbest move yet: Product Labels

Apple’s dumbest move yet: Product Labels

Apple’s using their iPad’s (Yeah, those $500 and up tablets) as product labels.

So let’s say there are AT LEAST 40 displays in a Mac store (Definitely more on average) Apple brags that there are more than 300 Apple stores worldwide on their site, so let’s say there are 301. Lastly, iPad’s cost a minimum of $500 to buy. When you calculate all of that up, that’s an absolute MINIMUM of  $6,020,000 not only wasted in an economic viewpoint, but these iPads could have been donated to hospitals, colleges, schools, the homeless, me, ANYONE!

Anyone who’s ever been to an Apple store knows that these devices are going to be COVERED in fingerprint grease! I just don’t understand what went through their heads when they agreed to do this! Think about it, were they trying to save paper?! iPads are made in CHINA! How is that environmentally friendly?!