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Long Island Wedding Venue Spreadsheet

Note: Prices, venue policies and menus may have changed since this article was written in 2020.

I recently spent many hours preparing a massive spreadsheet to compare the seemingly endless wedding venues across Long Island. When all the research was complete, and we had chosen our venue, I figured I would share my findings instead of having all that work sit wasted.

So, I posted it to and it was promptly removed without cause. I have not heard back from them about this, even after reaching out about to the moderators but I assume the site is controlled by venues, vendors and people who have an interest in not sharing this kind of information publicly.

This sheet may be of particular interest if you happen to be a vegetarian or if you’re looking for a dog friendly venue (outdoor ceremony). It also may be of use to you even if you’re not from Long Island if you’re willing to clear the data and use the formulas to help narrow down you search in another area. I have it set to estimate the cost of additional vendors based on whether or not they’re included in the package price. I estimated taxes and fees as well.

The prices and ratings are deemed to be current as of October 2020 for an April 2022 wedding. After visiting 10 of these venues and ultimately choosing one, I would definitely say that while a spreadsheet is useful for gathering initial information, it can only guide you so far. There were venues that looked good on paper but in reality, were not good choices for us.

I hope this helps someone with their wedding planning journey. Feel free to reach out if you have questions!

Here it is:

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