Do you see those pencils? Each and every one of them was used no more than a day or two. And unless you miraculously have a 100 pack of eraser tops to put over the now non existent erasers, those pencils are deemed useless. Now, don’t get me wrong, mechanical pencils have their own quirks too, but pencils should at least have replaceable erasers or retractable ones like mechanical pencils so that after those 2 days of use, you can replace them and continue using them. But who am I kidding. There’s almost a zero percent chance that it ever happens. Why? Companies must love the fact that their pencils are crap. Think about it; these companies make a killing on pencils since people have to keep coming back to get more once their pencil eraser rips off. Therefore, there is no reason to continue writing, since unless an OccupyTiconderoga movement develops. Good Day.

Did I just write 163 words on pencils? Yes I did. #YOLO

Written by James Brako-McComb

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