It doesnt get worse than this: The story of my iPhone

It all began one morning at a gas station. I watched as someone accidentally ran over someone’s phone, sped off, and left one angry girl. She picked up the broken up iPhone and threw it in the garbage. Luciky, I have an appreciation for technology, so, I picked it up and brought it home. It seemed to only need a digitizer(touch screen) so I fired up amazon and ordered one for a whopping: 15 dollars. I coated it in saran wrap to prevent me from scratching myself while I waited for the screen, and installed my Apps and Music.

When It arrived, I followed the poorly written, broken English, instruction sheet and opened the Youtube video they provided, since it was my first time attempting to fix an iPhone’s screen. It went well, with the exception of a small dot on the top of the LCD known as “bleeding”, which I ignored.
After a few months, I broke the LCD while listening to my genius plan to squish the black liquid back into the edge of the screen. Back to Amazon I went, only this time for an LCD. Upon installing, I cracked the digitizer in the process, again. So, the Noob I am, kept the cycle going and ordered another one and installed it, this time perfectly. I put a screen protector on as well as a nice case to prevent any further mistakes.
But, my luck, the LCD I was sent crapped out on me while riding home on the train. I contacted the seller and he gave me another one, but only after I reported him to Amazon because he ignored my claim for a good 2 weeks. Now that I was a pro, I didn’t crack the screen or touch screen while I installed it.
Recently, I was showing someone a picture and it slipped out of my hand, slowly falling to the ground. Unlike ALL the other times i’ve dropped it, it cracked right on top, but luckily not over the screen. Unfortunately, the screen stopped working after a few days and I have ordered the pricey 7 dollar screen once again.

All in all, It would have been MUCH cheaper to buy an iPhone 3G online someplace than to keep buying these touch screens. As for now, here are some pictures to demonstrate my destruction.

Yeah……I don’t have the best luck with this device.

My makeshift saran wrap cover meets in the back of the iPhone

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