Is Spongebob bad for kids? Not at all!

Today, I watched m AP Psychology teacher go absolutely berserk over the fact that this new study that’s all over the news is completely wrong!This study tested 60 kids (already a small number of test subjects) and broke them into THREE groups. I may not be a genius, but that’s TWENTY kids per group.

That’s not nearly enough to generalize a nation of 4 year olds (which did I mention that the show is not meant for children under 7 year olds anyway!)

All this study is going to do is (and I say this on September 15th, 2011) use this as a reason to for parents to whine and complain to pull one of the most loved cartoons in history, after Looney Toons of course, from the air!

Don’t fall into the trap America. Don’t just absorb and regurgitate what the media has told you before you look into something yourself.

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