My Ugly Generic Chinese Branded Watch & Loop

How to wear iPod Nano watches without looking obnoxious

I’m not one to show off what I own, or anything for that matter. So for me, having a $150+ piece of technology on my wrist didn’t come easily. All it took was a single post on eBay for curiosity to take over. It was only $3.99, three hundred ninety nine little pennies, how could pass up an offer so cheap? I simply had to give the concept of having an iPod on my wrist a try, for there was nothing to lose. Except my dignity, and my hard earned pennies.

Weeks later, I opened the manila envelope straight out of China to find quite possibly the ugliest band of black silicone I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I managed to jam my iPod into the encasing that, after a journey across the globe, would sit atop my wrist in only a few moments. It was on my wrist, and I walked downstairs only to be greeted with immediate ridicule from my family, as anyone would expect.

I have worn the watch once since.

Months later, I returned to eBay, for one more attempt at finding the perfect watch for my iPod. Why? I saw someone wearing one.  Sure they had both been made in China, but there was a minor difference between them. His didn’t make a person cringe the very moment they laid their eyes on it. What does that mean? His wasn’t an oversized piece of silicone strip that had I called a watch.

After reading through site after site and looking at people boast about them on YouTube, I found two possible bands that weren’t 3 sizes too fat:

1. The Loop Attachment – $20

2. Hex Vision Metal Wristband – $70

The friend I had saw wearing his iPod was wearing the Hex watch. It looked great, but being wary of wearing something that expensive on my wrist to begin with, I opted for the Loop watch. Now, don’t think I see the Hex as any less of a watch, I didn’t pick that one simply because of the price. I personally like the Hex more so than the Loop watch. But maybe that review may come about in the future. The Loop, which shipped from America and arrived in only a few days, was easy to clip into my iPod, and to put on.

My single grand tip for avoiding those “obnoxious-yeah-i’m-wearing-an-iPod-on-my-wrist” moments:

  1. Don’t make people take note of it. By that, I mean to not boast about your new watch and how amazing it’s 18 watch faces are. Simply make no note of it while wearing it! Be subtle. Otherwise, people will likely assume that you’re a showoff and should be stoned in the town square.

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