Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch HR – Collider

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed any tech products but I think this watch deserves a mention.

My first smartwatch was the Fitbit Force. Next was the Moto 360, then another two Fitbits, then the Galaxy Watch and now, this watch: The Fossil Hybrid HR Collider.

While I’ve always loved Fitbit’s competitive community and battery life, I just never liked their physical design. Their watches were designed to look like fitness trackers, not watches. They never utilized OLED screens so always on was not really possible.

When I was on the Android Wear/Tizen watches, they could barely make it through the day with always on enabled so I ended up sacrificing having sleep data in return for a watch that looked somewhat more like a watch.

This watch is the perfect medium for me. Sure, it has limited apps that can be connected to the watch but it includes Messenger, email and texts (and Snapchat of all apps), which is all I would ever want on my wrist. It can still control my music but doesn’t have a speaker so I cannot take calls from it. It doesn’t have a GPS so I can’t track exercises but I always have my phone on me anyway so it wasn’t really a need. Even though it is an e-ink watch, it can show me texts way faster than the Galaxy Watch because there are no animations.

I finally have a watch that actually lasts well over a week without sacrificing the heart rate and sleep tracking that actually looks good. This is HUGE.

I hope that Fossil continues to add more software updates to this watch to make it an even cleaner experience but even where it is right now is enough for me to give this watch my highest recommendations.

If you’re interested in buying a pair, check Fossil’s website. I got mine on Black Friday but I was able to combine their email discount offer with another coupon code.

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