Corkor Belt Durability Issues

In a quest to stop using leather products, I came across the company Corkor. They sell really good looking cork belts, wallets and bags. I quickly ordered two belts and a wallet (Which, while not the topic of this post, is holding up really well over the last two months.)

While good looking, the problem with their belts is that they wear/crack almost instantly around the holes. I had only worn the black belt for a few days by the time I took the above pictures and contacted the company.

They replied that it was only “…The normal wear of the cork fabric. The interlining material will not let it rip or damage any further.” They replied as if it were intended to crack like this despite what it says on their own website “It won’t crack or crumble, in fact, the quality and suppleness of cork fabric products can be compared to that of leather goods.”

Eventually, though I was scared of damaging the brown belt , I decided to wear it for the first time yesterday. Take a look at the photos from one day of use. I’m pretty frustrated to say the least…

Here’s a couple pictures of the black (more often worn) belt that’s just two month’s old:

And in case anyone’s interested in the wallet, here’s a couple pictures of that:

Honestly, I’m just going to keep wearing these belts until they break but I certainly can’t wear them anywhere nice. Hopefully the company makes better belts in the future because I do like their style and their prices were cheaper than other cork belt companies that I came across.

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