Chinese Manuals: A horror story

Recently, someone gave me a solar charger because they didnt want it. When I opened it, I, as anyone should, got out the directions and began reading. Unfortunately, the directions were only half English, and even that was terribly written. Like, they could at LEAST use some spell check!

So I took the liberty of typing them, word for word, to show you how ridiculous it really is. JK, I used OCR and even second guessed my printer, because some things were just THAT bad.

So read, and enjoy, as your brain cells slowly decrease. The highlighted words are the most noticeable.


User’s manual


This product is a high-power & high-capacity multi-function solar emergency charger, with built-in high-capacity lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries, the power of  (the) solar panels is up to can be recharged anywhere and anytime for your mobile phones, digital cameras, PDA,MP3,MP4 and other digital products.its luxury appearance,small and compact design,make you easy to carry ,show your elegance and fashion.


Note : the initial use of this product needs more than two circles of complete recharge and discharge at least beofer use it ,in order to improve the efficiency of the built-in battery.

Using steps:

1. Please perform (the) recharge before use(ing) it, there are three options to choose:

A: Display the charger under the direct sun or strong light, the sunlight will be automatically converted into electrical energy for the automatic built-in rechargeable lithium batteries. At this point solar charger indicator light will show the charge is on, when the battery is full, the light of the battery capacity will turn on. (Internal circuit design with automatic power-off protection)

B: Connect the charger to the Computer with USB line,the USB indicator light at this time will turn on,which show the charge is on, when the battery is full, the light of the battery capacity will turn on. (Internal circuit design with automatic power-off protection)

C: Use AC adapter charging. the USB charging indicator light will on, when the battery is full the light of the battery capacity will turn on.

(Internal circuit design with automatic power-off protection)

2. Before you recharge your digital products or mobile phone,please carefully check your product manual or power adapter, and get to know its charging voltage.This charger provides you an adjustable output voltage, that is 3.7V, 4.2V, 5.5V and 9V respectively, generally 5.5V. then according to the voltage of your product needs, switch the pulling knob to the corresponding voltage Stalls, and then connected the USB 5P plug, which extended thetransfering line, with the charger, and then connected the other end with the corresponding adapter, and then connected to your product for charging.

3. ln charging process. your cell phone and digital products will show the charging prompt and you can use your mobile phone for communication while it is still in charging


l. Especially suitable for emergency occasions when you work or travel in the wild orpower cut occurred solar charger will help you a lot,so that your mobile phone could maintain in working state at anytime and anywhere ,and to maintain contact with others at any time ;

2. Easy to use

You can be very convenient to recharge your mobile phone or other digital products anytime and anywhere;

3  High-efficiency recharge

High efficiency and fast ,just to recharge your mobile phone 60 minutes ,and then you will achieve up to 100-150 minutes of talk time ;

4. Energy saving and environment protection:

Use green energy, (such as) the solar chargers, let’s  work together to contribute to environmental protection.

5. Fashion(able) appearance and easy to carry

Simple and Luxury(ous) appearance, ultra-thin aluminum alloy shell design, variety of color,fashion, cute ,small and compact easy to carry;

6.There arc several different voltages  optionable

3.7V / 4.2V / 5.5V / 9V respectively, generally 5.5V, to adapt to a wider range.

7. Equipped with light

Equipped with a high-brightness far horizon LED light, can working more than 30 hours to facilitate the use of emergency and night travel.

8. Safety for use

Equipped with an overcharge protection which effectively extending the battery life ,make you use safely.


1. Imported monocrystalline silicon or polysilicon of high conversion efficiency has been adopted the solar energy conversion rate is up to more than  16%

2. Specifications for  solar panels: 5,5v 150mA, power up to 0.8W.

3. The built-in high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery (900mAh or more, dffferentmodels optionable match the lithium batteries of different specifications).

4. Output: voltage:3,7v, 4 2v, 5,5v and 9v, generally 5.5V multiplicate output ports optionable.

5. Output current 400-500mAh

6. Charging time for (a) mobile phone:About 60 minutes (Different brands and models of mobile phone is with different charging time),

7. Charging time for built-In battery of solar charger is  10-15 hours (depends on light intensity and battery capacity).

8. If computer USB port or AC adapter recharge the built-in battery, charging time : about 3-5  hours.

This product applies to the following product for charging:

* Mobile phone,  Digital camera,  PDA,  PSP  MP3,  MP4   GPS,  DV(D?),  …… *

USB and variety of mini converters configuration) (Yes, that’s a random ) )


1 . Please do not use sharp objects to scrape the surface of the sun measurement battery


2. When recharge the built-in battery of the charger with solar energysolar panels should

be placed upward under direct sunlight to ensure the best results in charge

3. Please use the original adapter from the manufacturer for the charger  ,do not use other

AC adapter.

4.This product should be placed in  dry and moisture-proof place.

5. As a result of short-circuit protection,simply remove the load of short-circuit,and it will

be automatically restored in 10 seconds.”

In conclusion, my solar panel works great. The end.

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