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Why are some companies so unprofessional?

One of the largest family owned pressure cleaning companies in America, creatively named “American Dream Pressure Cleaning,” has been run by my family since it’s creation in 1993. Our name is known throughout most of the eastern seaboard by many business owners and store managers.

However, company “rivals” have attempted to hurt our company┬áin hotel parking lots, at our location and with hate-filled signs on telephone poles across local towns. Our machine’s electrical lines have been cut, fried, and even the engines have all been drilled through in only the past year alone.

These people know exactly what they’re doing and every time it happens, I have to wonder what their motive could possibly be as they send a drill through a small business’s machine, compromising all further operation until it’s fixed. Are they just that stupid? Do they think they’re getting a “leg up” on the business? I mean, none of it really matters when you’re a fully insured company anyway, but nonetheless, it just keeps happening.

So as a friendly message to these companies: stop messing. You wouldn’t be struggling if you strived to be the best, or at least your best. Even so, we’re not your competition. We work with contracts, so we don’t travel around asking random store managers to clean the store once and be on our ways. Maybe if you spent a little bit more time working on your company website or promoting your businesses, instead of trying to hurt ours, you would be better off.