Apple's dumbest move yet: Product Labels

Apple’s dumbest move yet: Product Labels

Apple’s using their iPad’s (Yeah, those $500 and up tablets) as product labels.

So let’s say there are AT LEAST 40 displays in a Mac store (Definitely more on average) Apple brags that there are more than 300 Apple stores worldwide on their site, so let’s say there are 301. Lastly, iPad’s cost a minimum of $500 to buy. When you calculate all of that up, that’s an absolute MINIMUM of  $6,020,000 not only wasted in an economic viewpoint, but these iPads could have been donated to hospitals, colleges, schools, the homeless, me, ANYONE!

Anyone who’s ever been to an Apple store knows that these devices are going to be COVERED in fingerprint grease! I just don’t understand what went through their heads when they agreed to do this! Think about it, were they trying to save paper?! iPads are made in CHINA! How is that environmentally friendly?!

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