2016 Presidential Candidate Wikipedia Page Edits (2001-2016) – Another Look

In February, I made a chart that visualized the Wikipedia page edits for each of the candidates. I won’t get into why Wikipedia page edits might be an insight into something deeper here. I’ll let you decide what they mean.

Now that we, as a country, have narrowed down our choices, I decided to make two updated charts. First, the below graph shows the full view of Wikipedia edits by month for each remaining candidate since 2001. (Click for a larger view)


Next, this chart shows the number of Wikipedia edits by year.


However, 2016 is not over. As the presidential election approaches, I would imagine their campaigns will constantly battle edits by users to make themselves look as best as possible. I had originally created a live-updating google sheets but it seems that I’ve lost the file…

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